Monday, May 23, 2011

Reading List

I recently consolidated all of my various lists of books I want to read into one Amazon Wish List.

By the time I was done I ended up with 551 in the Wish List and I marked some as "high priority," some as "low priority" and left the majority at "medium priority." 89 were high priority, 66 low priority and the rest, 396, medium priority.

I then took the high priority books and added them to a list in The Hit List and identified the highest-priority ones - which left me with 46. I added tags to them, based on what area of interest of mine they were relevant to - e.g. personal development, business, career, productivity, psychology or other tags related to specific projects I'm working on. I then looked at samples of the top books in each category and identified the top five or so books that I wanted to read in the near future based on the quality of the books and the priority of the area that the book belonged to.

Then I decided to analyze the titles of all 551 - here's what I found. Click to view at regular size.

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