Monday, April 18, 2011

"There are reasons for things to happen. But things don't happen for a reason."

A well-articulated answer from Craig Weiland to the question, Does everything happen for a reason? on Quora:
Things that happen have causes. But that's not what people mean when they say they believe "everything happens for a reason." Those people believe that (bad) things that happen are planned to have a prearranged positive result which cannot be discerned right away. It's meant as a comforting thought.  
Ultimately, the universe does not care that I got a new job, just like it does not care if a drunk driver comes out of nowhere tomorrow and puts me in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I don't believe my job change is part of a grand master plan someone wrote for my life. It was just something that happened, alongside many negative things that have happened to me as well.
There are reasons for things to happen. Sometimes things happen for no reason. But things don't really happen for a reason. That presumes things that happen were someone's deliberate decision to make, someone who had consequences in mind for that happening. Someone who knows the answer when we say, "Why did this happen?" Usually, the only answer to that question is, "Because things like this just happen sometimes, nothing personal."

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  1. Saying there's a reason that things happen implies that there's a higher power responsible, order, or preconceived plan already in place, behind what happens. I am skeptical of that notion. I was raised a Muslim, and until a few years ago, believed all the fairy tales in the Koran but if there is a God, he's one passive God.

    Faith blinded me, I was close minded to anything contrary. So tunnel visioned, until my perspective changed, and for reasons I wouldn't discuss, I became more self aware and started questioning what I believed for so long, for the first time, and thought to myself, "what I've been taught all this time just doesn't make any sense", no logic, or reasonable explanation.

    The world's a funny place, don't be afraid to question, ask, use your mind.