Monday, April 26, 2010

"Remind Me Later"

You've probably had the experience of talking to someone, bringing up an idea and the other person saying, "sure, remind me about it later." Maybe you do it yourself.

To me this demonstrates one of two things: either the person asking for you to remind them later doesn't care enough about the idea to take responsibility for it or they don't have the competence to be able to remember it later, so they really do need someone to remind them about it. Either way, they're trying to keep it out of their court.

Here's a better approach: if you don't really care about the idea and are just trying to postpone it, say that up front. If you do care about it, take responsibility for the idea and say I'm swamped right now - can I get back to you in a week or so? Then schedule it in your calendar so that you are reminded in a week or whenever so that you can get back to the person in time.

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