Sunday, March 2, 2008

Apple To Hold Media Event for SDK Announcement

This past Wednesday February 27th, Apple sent out an invitation to members of the media for an event to take place at 10am PST on Thursday March 6 at Building 4 (in the Town Hall) at Apple's Cupertino campus to "learn about the iPhone software roadmap, including the SDK and some exciting new enterprises features." The invitation did not specify a timeframe for the SDK and the enterprise features to actually be released although it is likely that Apple will release them at some point shortly after the event because Apple has said that the SDK would be released in February. In the recent weeks Apple has been busy making several announcements and releasing updated versions of existing products, like MacBooks and MacBook Pros updated to include Intel's Penryn processor on the 26th, the availability of the iPhone through O2 in Ireland on the 28th and a price cut on the 1GB iPod shuffle to $49 and the introduction of a 2GB model at $69 on the 19th. We will all see how the event plays out on Thursday.

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