Monday, January 21, 2008

Macworld Recap

During Steve's keynote address on Tuesday January 15, he gave sales figures on Leopard and introduced Time Capsule. He released sales numbers and market share data for the iPhone and a software update for the iPhone (the 1.1.3 update that was leaked) and the iPod touch, bringing Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes to the iPod touch (for $20). There were no new provider agreements in other countries for the iPhone that were announced. Steve Jobs did in fact unveil an amazingly thin ultraportable laptop, the MacBook Air, which Steve pulled out of a classic manila office envelope in his usual showman style. It doesn't have an internal optical drive and comes standard with an 80GB 1.8" HDD ( the same one used in the iPod classic) but has an option for a 64GB SSD. It continues Apple's aluminum and glass design scheme and has a trackpad that incorporates multi-touch gestures. Apple introduced movie rentals from all the major studios for the iTunes Store but that was it for new content announcements. The AppleTV got a software update, including the ability to rent movies directly through the AppleTV without having to go through the computer and the entry price was reduced from $299 to $229 although capacities remained the same. All in all, what was announced was very close to what I had expected. Apple shares dropped over nine dollars on the day of Macworld and dropped a further nine dollars the day immediately following Macworld.

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